Terms and Conditions/Téarmaí agus Coinníollacha

Each course will last 5 days with 2 hours on-line teaching each day.

Parents/Guardians must ensure adequate broadband strength. 

Parents/Guardians must ensure access to Zoom. Pupils will log-in using correct link 5-10 minutes before class starting time i.e. 10.50 a.m. each morning.

Parents/Guardians will provide one email address for each pupil and one mobile number (if possible) which will be used for contact during course.

Parents//Guardians must ensure suitable and safe location inside to successfully complete course. Pupils may not walk around during course. 

If a student’s behaviour is disruptive, they may be blocked from course. Gael Linn will make final decision in such cases – no refund will be made.

Although they are learning at home, students must be prepared to dress and behave appropriately as if in class at school.

It is the responsibility of parent/pupil to ensure attendance.

Each student must be registered individually i.e. one student per fee which is non-transferable.

Classes may not be recorded in full or in part.

Full fee must be paid at time of registration

Pupils may name one friend to join the course with them. Both students will have to register close to the same time and pay course fee.

As Parent/Guardian, I gave my permission for images/videos of my son/daughter/ward to be used by Gael Linn to promote courses and the Irish language in an appropriate way. Please contact Gael Linn should you have any concerns about this matter eolas@gael-linn.ie with name of pupil and course code and start date.

Gael Linn will provide certificate of completion (PDF).

Gael Linn will make every effort to ensure that every pupil benefits and enjoys their course within the restrictions and challenges presented by on-line learning/teaching.

Contact details for Gael Linn eolas@gael-linn.ie